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Free To Be You And Me

Free To Be You And Me was a record out in the 70s, made by Artista Records, created by Marlo Thomas and friends.

The children's record featured Marlo Thomas, Allan Alda, and many others. It was a collection of songs, stories and poems. The purpose of which was to teach children that boys and girls should be given the same opportunities and learn to share, be polite and respectful, and pitch in with various duties such as household chores and child development. It had great songs such as Free To Be You And Me (about freedom to choose who you will be), When We Grow Up (about being what you want to be, and being happy with who you are) and William Wants A Doll (about a boy who wants a doll so that he can learn how to care for a child). It had stories like Grandma's House (about respecting your elders), Adalata and The Race, (about a princess who must choose a husband, but does not want to be forced to choose even to marry, and a young man who wants to be chosen for his personality, and just for a chance to speak with Adalanta), and Housework (about how the housework should be a shared duty). The record also contains several more beautiful songs and stories worthy of listening to.

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Do You Remember Free To Be You And Me?

Do You Remember Free To Be You And Me?