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Frankie Howerd

Frankie Howard was perhaps most famous for appearing in the show Up Pompeii and he was renowned for his off cut remarks. He also starred in many Carry On Films and had many a catchphrase like "Titter ye not" and "Oooh nooo missus". He also did a one off UK version of "The Gong Show". Sadly he died in 1992 after posing for his last ever photograph with good friend Cilla Black.

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Do You Remember Frankie Howerd?

Do You Remember Frankie Howerd?

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    Frankie was one of the few comedians who started out in the '50s, to remain hugely popular throughout the following decades. Unlike Benny Hill and Dick Emery, he was as much a hit with the alternative comedy crowd as with those who preferred mainstream- probably because he wasn't as un-PC as some of his contemporaries.