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"Fox" was a TV show that told the story of "King Billy" Fox and his family in a a story of how the family sticks together through thick and thin.

The characters included 70 year old Billy, a retired market porter and head of the Fox clan, and his second wife Connie, his eldest son Vin who runs his own scaffolding business, night club manager Ray, who has links with the underworld, womanising Taxi driver Joey, who's eye for the ladies gets him into situations he doesn't always know how to get out of, intellectual mature student Phil and youngest son Kenny, an up and coming professional boxer.

All of the magnificent seven lead characters are played by now-well-known actors, including Peter Vaughan as Billy, Elizabeth Spriggs as Connie and a young Ray Winstone as Kenny. The others are played by Bernard Hill as Vin, Derrick O'Connor as Ray, Eamonn Boland as Phil and Larry Lamb as Joey.

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Do You Remember Fox?