Fortune Telling Fish

I was given one of these at a party when I was younger and I was transfixed by it. It literally blew my tiny mind.

You probably remember them – they were thin red plastic fish that you would place on your hand as you would ask them questions. Depending on how the fish would react to the question would tell a fortune. If they curled one way it meant one thing, for twisted another way they were predicting a different thing. They were almost a very very early version of “Magic 8 Ball” except that they cost 10p instead of £20, and they seemed a lot more mysterious and magical to me than a large black cue ball!

They really were so cheap (I suppose because they were actually very cheaply made, they were just a thin bit of plastic that curled in your hand)

As a child I used to ascribe all kinds of magic powers to mine, I think it was also made more magical in that I’d just seen the Tom Hanks film “Big” and the envelope the fish came in looked almost exactly like something out of that film.

The package the fish came in really “bigged up” what they could do:

“Fortune telling fish are an ancient tool from the mystic east, used by wisemen for thousands of years. Now you can have your own fortune telling fish and learn the ways of this ancient art. Use it on your friends to tell if they are jealous, in love, false or a dead one!!”

So no wonder I was astounded!

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Do You Remember Fortune Telling Fish?

Do You Remember Fortune Telling Fish?