For Your Eyes Only (1981)

For Your Eyes Only was the twelfth James Bond movie and starred Roger Moore in the role of the secret British agent.

A British spy ship which has an automatic targetting attack communicator, is sunk by a mine. It is a race against time for 007 to stop the ship falling into the hands of the Russians.

As ever, there is plenty of Bond action, girls, scenery and gadgets. Moore is as smooth as ever as Bond and Julian Glover as the enemy.

Always a great movie to watch on a Christmas afternoon!

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Do You Remember For Your Eyes Only?

Do You Remember For Your Eyes Only?

  • Anonymous user
    This one featured the famous 'Citroen 2CV chase scene' as I recall. Bond's cars had always been glamorous sports models full of gadgets in previous films, so it was a departure for Roger Moore to take the wheel of a bright yellow 'Tin Snail' for a change! Citroen brought out limited editions of yellow 2CV's afterwards with '007' on one side and fake bullet-holes on the other- terrific! A Dinky toy version of this was also made, I've still got the one I bought.