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Foghorn Leghorn

The best cartoon character ever !!

Also known as the "big cockerel" - he used to dominate the farmyard - his favorite pursuit was to annoy the farmyard dog. and chase the lovely ladies (female chickens).

The dog was always on a chain tied to the dog kennel and foghorn leghorn always knew the length of the chain to the millimeter.

He used to wait until the dog was sleeping and then count out the length of chain in chicken paces and draw a line in the dirt. Arm himself with an inanimate object (usually a baseball bat) - bang like hell on the kennel - the dog would shoot out and bark like hell about an inch away on the chain from foghorn leghorn.

Foghorn used to hit him and shout "AH SHUT-UP" - usually to show off to all the ladies (farmyard hens).

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Do You Remember Foghorn Leghorn?

Do You Remember Foghorn Leghorn?