Flower Patch Kids

Flower Patch Kids were imitation Cabbage Patch Kids, for those of us whose parents wouldn't buy us the real thing. I believe they came out a little earlier than the CPK dolls, so many of us had them until we could swiftly replace them with the real deal.

They had yarn hair, dimples and vinyl coverings sewed on as shoes.

The Flower Patch Kids had mitten-like hands - unlike the CPK dolls, the fingers weren't segmented. Like CPK dolls, FPK dolls were cute as buttons - with their freckled cheeks and upturned noses, plus their padded softness was perfect for dragging around everywhere with you.

They were sold at Thrifty's (now Rite-Aid), Montgomery Wards and Gemco.

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Do You Remember Flower Patch Kids?

Do You Remember Flower Patch Kids?