Flip and Fold Fashions

Created by Tomy, Flip and Fold Fashions were popular with all aspiring fashionistas in the early 80s. You started off with a plain lady model and could then create your own miniature fashionalble clothes that could be fixed on to the model. It came with little pieces of fabric you could artistically arrange across the figure, then you'd fold down this plastic plate so that the result looked like the lady was actually wearing clothes. It was quite creative in its time. In fact, I remember spending loads of time designing outfits for her and having brainstorming sessions with the little girl next door. The lady also came with little plastic accessories in the Flip and Fold box included a pair of sunglases, a handbag and a plastic trench coat. I seem to remember the woman looking rather like Nikki Newman of The Young And The Restless, too!

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Do You Remember Flip and Fold Fashions?

Do You Remember Flip and Fold Fashions?