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I know my taste in music can be a bit unusual but I thought Five (or 5ive ) were great. Five were a boy band assembled in 1997 by the same people who created The Spice Girls.

They had a much cooler, tougher image than the other boy bands around at the time and every single one of their eleven singles made it into the top 10, with 'Keep On Movin', 'We Will Rock You' and 'Lets Dance' all reaching No. 1.

Sadly Five disbanded in September 2001, but at the end of December 2006 four of the five (no Sean Conlan) reunited and are writing a new album together. I wait with baited breath to see if they change their name to Four (or even 4our).

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Do You Remember Five?

Do You Remember Five?

  • Anonymous user
    yeh great boy band i prefered them to the other soppy boy bands.saw them at the hight of their careers on wollerton park nottingham.