Fisher Price Movie Viewer

Being a kid in 1973 I remember getting this toy for a birthday present. Its basically a cartridge with very small film in it. This one has the Classic Mickey cartoon "Lonesome Ghosts". To watch it you have to insert the cartridge into the viewer and turn the crank on the side. On the other side there are clear plastic windows to allow light in to allow the viewer to see the film as you crank forward or backwards.( I loved watching it go backwards )

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Do You Remember Fisher Price Movie Viewer?

Do You Remember Fisher Price Movie Viewer?

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    Yes, I remember this! My 'film' was Mickey and Goofey driving down a mountain-side with a caravan on the back. Surprise, surprise when they approached a fork in the road, the car went one way, and caravan and Goofey went the other!! This movie was amusing backwards too.