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Filmation's Ghostbusters

This was the original Ghostbusters! And it was a completely different Ghostbusters experience! It was a cartoon, and it was ace!

It was a cross between what eventually came to be the film Ghostbusters and an original TV series from 1976 of the same name.

The cartoon ran from September 8 to December 5, 1986 in daytime and there were 65 episodes in all. It was repeated a fair bit and I remember it well. However, the original show “The Ghostbusters” was a live-action television show in 1975-1976

The basic plot involves Jake Kong, Eddie Spenser and Tracy the Gorilla are Ghost Busters – they live at *1 Ghost Command which was a haunted mansion nestled between a number of tall skyscrapers (It almost feels like “Trap door" in some ways) there are other characters like Ansa-Bone, a talking skull phone; Skelevision, a talking skeleton television; Belfrey, a pink talking bat. All fun ideas, and completely different from the film Ghostbusters as well!

It goes in all manner of strange places, there is an evil ghost wizard called “Prime Evil” and his cast of followers who is located in The Fifth Dimension.

There is also a famous Ghostbuster from the future who comes back and helps them fight Prime Evil.

The film Ghostbusters had the catchphrase, "Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!", Filmation's Ghost Busters had a different catchphrase: "Let's Go, Ghost Busters!"

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Do You Remember Filmation's Ghostbusters?

Do You Remember Filmation's Ghostbusters?