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Feargal Sharkey

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Feargal Sharkey started out in The Undertones in the late 70's - their debut single was "Teenage Kicks".

I believe Feargal Sharkey's only number one hit came after he had gone solo with the song "A Good Heart" in the 80's.

Feargal Sharkey had an instantly recognisable 'high, quivering' singing voice.

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Do You Remember Feargal Sharkey?

Do You Remember Feargal Sharkey?

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    In between The Undertones disbanding and going solo, Feargal was in a short-lived trio called 'The Assembly', which also featured Vince Clarke from Yazoo (who went on to found the gay duo Erasure). They had a one-hit chart success with a ghastly, self-pitying number called 'It Never Happens To Me', which was basically a long musical whimper. Not surprised the band had such a brief career. Much was made at the time of Sharkey's close resemblance to the Tory MP Michael Hestletine, who was Defence Secretary in Thatcher's cabinet for years! I was never really a fan of his, I thought that a lot of it was just down to the fact that he was Irish, which was a hugely trendy thing to be in the '80s. Or it may have been due to his previous career in The Undertones.