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Fast 111's

Fast 11's was fun, though don’t be confused it didn’t actually involve much car movement! It was much more of a board game. It was still fun though!

The idea – obviously – was to be the first car to cross the FINISH.

It was very easy to play, and was quite fast. Unlike Monopoly (where I was also always a car) this game didn’t last forever and was exciting.

It was made by Parker Borthers and was quite popular in it's day - for the reason it was very playable.

Why? Well, you would move around the track by moving playing cards to determine how far you moved. However, you didn’t just draw one card per go, to move yourself onwards to glory, no, you see you also drew a card to see how many spaces BACK you could move your opponents car! Excellent times! I preferred moving my opponents backwards to moving forwards myself! Ha!

My version was based in Canada because my Canadian Aunt sent it over to me, but you could get a version here, in the US and Canada as well.

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Do You Remember Fast 111's?

Do You Remember Fast 111's?