Explorer 12

These toys were sold by British Home Stores, 1987-1988. They were 16-wheel drive vehicles in four different variants: Ocean, Polar, Terrain and Space. There was also a base station and numerous trailers that you could buy to attach to the main vehicles, which would increase the drive wheels by a further six, as they were all linked by cogs hidden down the side of the vehicle. The Explorer 12 could only go forwards and have forward-facing lights. Other accessories included blister packets of small vehicle occupants, comic books, patches for cloths, school bags, PJs, jumpers etc. Bhs only promoted them for a couple of months, then like many toys from my childhood they just disappeared.

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Do You Remember Explorer 12?

Do You Remember Explorer 12?

  • Anonymous user
    At last!! Someone else remembers! I have once vehicle (Terrain) to remind me that I didn't just make the whole thing up......none of my family or friends have the faintest idea what they are, but I remember loving the designs of the toys. Every time my mum took me to BHS (I would be seven or eight at the time) I'd just spend my time standing by the Explorer section, dreaming of owning the lot. In fact I still check Ebay regularly in the hope that one of the toys may just appear on it. Anybody have any more details on the comics or just the toys in general?