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Erika Eleniak (2013)

Not only was Erika Eleniak the girl in E.T that Elliot kissed in the classroom but she grew up to be the "blonde" in Baywatch with the darkish, largish eyebrows which made Baywatch slightly worth viewing.

Then she was replaced by Pamela Anderson. She left the meat market that was Baywatch to pursue a serious career in films. Except her first big screen role was jumping topless out of a cake in Steven Seagal's film "Under Siege" (1992), way to go Erika.

She also starred in the remake of "The Beverly Hillbillies", I haven't seen it, I have no intention to, unless she jumps topless out of a cake in that too!

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Do You Remember Erika Eleniak?

Do You Remember Erika Eleniak?