Enchanted Horses

I had a BUNCH of Enchanted Horses! They were colorful plastic horses that came with all sorts of fashions and accessories. The saddle was snap-on, and the bridle reins were made of plastic pearl beads.

I had one Hawaiian one named "Aloha" and a classy spanish one named "Nina," (not at all stereotypical), Pegasus, Spring Bride and Gypsy, as well as a guy in a tuxedo, and a filly with a furry mane and tail. I had several other Enchanted Horses, including a pearly purple one.

Enchanted Horses were one of my favorite toy lines!

Enchanted Horses were the My Little Pony for older girls, and they were so much more sophisticated. They could pull princess carriages even! I used to let my Barbie dolls tend to the horses as they were a good height for them.

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Do You Remember Enchanted Horses?

Do You Remember Enchanted Horses?