There have been many ads marketing eggs over the decades, both on TV, in magazines and on hoardings (one of the most famous being 'Go to work on an egg' from the 1960s, a slogan that was devised by none other than the novelist Fay Weldon). But the one I remember best was from the early '80s- two versions of it were made, one featuring Barbara Woodhouse and the other starring Billy Connolly. "If your breakfast is getting in a rut, boil up an egg mate, and hit it with your nut!" They would then headbutt the egg in it's cup, which would be the cue for a fast-medley of shots showing all the different ways you could cook eggs.

In the late '80s, there were advertising posters showing an egg painted to look like a pretty girl- these had a number of different captions, including 'I used to have a boyfriend, but somebody poached him' and other such pearls of humour.

Anybody remember any other eggy ads??!

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Do You Remember Eggs?

Do You Remember Eggs?

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    Can't beat Tony Hancock's "Go to work on an egg". Early ads in black and white I think - very iconic of the time