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Echo and the Bunnymen

Led by Ian McCullough, this quirky new wave band started life as a trio with a drum machine called Echo (get it?). I feel extremely privileged to have seen them at the Futurama 79 sci-fi music festival in Leeds along with other contemporaries such as Joy Division, Public Image... oh what a weekend!

This band were always a late-night John Peel favourite, they had some excellent albums; "Crocodiles", "Heaven Up Here" and (my favourite) "Porcupine". The albums following these were much more commercial by comparison although not totally losing their edge, the style became extremely watered down. By no coincidence it was during this time they had their biggest hits like "Killing Moon", "Ocean Rain" and "Bring on the Dancing Horses".

For me, their best singles were "Over the Wall", "Never Stop" and (especially) "The Cutter". One of my favourite all time Echo and the Bunnymen songs has to be "Zimbo from Heaven Up Here" ? sublime.

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Do You Remember Echo and the Bunnymen?

Do You Remember Echo and the Bunnymen?

  • Anonymous user
    Their first hit single was 'Breaking The Back Of Love', rather than 'The Cutter' which most people think it was. What do you get if you put the band in a room full of clowns? Echo and the FUNNYMEN!!