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E.T. Phone home!

I can’t believe that there are now a number of generations of children that “E.T. Phone home” means nothing to!

This board game was great – but mostly because it was so well made and my whole house were E.T. fans (Big time!) so any excuse to do things that were E.T. related was fantastic!

It was a really basic game, you had figures and just had to roll dice and move about the board collecting the items that ET needs to phone home. It was fun though as it closely followed the film (and we all loved the film). Along the way you had to hide ET from your parents (using his clever Halloween disguise) and go on the magical bicycle ride through the skies (with the use of special Elliot cards).

Obviously, the object of the game is to get E.T. home - home in this case being the three-dimensional spaceship that sits in the middle of the board.

Sure this could be seen as a trashy merchandising tie-in created by a film franchise that just wanted to squeeze more money out of people that were enamored with the biggest grossing film of all time (at that time). But I was hooked, line and sinker! If they had bought out an E.T. toilet brush I would have probably bought the thing. In fact that might have been an ingenious way for my parents to have gotten me to do cleaning around the house!

The game was made by Parker Brothers in 1982 and for 2-4 players. It only took about 10 minutes to play a game though, so you could play it over and over if you wished - and believe it or not we always wanted another game.

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Do You Remember E.T. board game?

Do You Remember E.T. board game?