Dune (1984)

David Lynch's powerful take on Frank Herberts novel of the same name marks science fiction history with a film that tells a fantastical tale of epic proportions. Most of the film is very rapidly paced (to squeeze in as much of the thick novel as possible) and does a pretty good job.

The story tells the coming of age of Paul Atreides (Kyle MacLachlan) who is competing with the Harkonnen (one of which was played by Sting) for control of the planet Arakkis/Dune. Dune houses spice (which is purified and traded as a commodity) as well as giant sandworms. There is also a heavy religious undertone as the viewers are introduced to the Quizat Haderach.

Throw in nifty special effects and some great rubber aliens and this film really packs a punch! Love it or hate it, "Dune" stands as a milestone in science fiction film history with its deep story, great effects, and all-star cast.

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Do You Remember Dune?

Do You Remember Dune?