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Dragon's Lair

This is first Laserdisc game.

It is very of it's day, obviously, but was a massive hit when it was released in 1983. The animation looks very disney - in fact it was animated by former disney animator Don Bluth.

As you can imagine the game was all about rescuing a princes "Daphne", from the evil dragon "Singe", as the player, you controlled the 'brave' knight "Dirk the Darling".

At the time, to my 7 year old eyes, it looked like wonderous magical witch craft. Of course my parents could never afford one, but whenevr I got to sit on a friend's shoulder and watch, it was always great fun.

"Dirk the Darling" was quite a funny character, always clumsy and running away from danger as well.

Every new console has either re-published the game or re-invented it, it was that iconic. You can even get it on the Wii!

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Do You Remember Dragon's Lair?

Do You Remember Dragon's Lair?