Don't Break the Ice!

This ingenious game consisted of a table-like frame, a series of 32 small pieces of 'ice', 1 large piece of 'ice', a couple of mallets and a little iceman figurine. You set up the game frame so that all the little pieces of 'ice' fitted in with the one large piece in the middle with the little iceman standing on it. Each player would then take turns to gently tap out a piece of the 'ice' taking care not to let the little iceman drop through the ice.

Don't Break the Ice was a bit like Ker-Plunk! in that the aim was to avoid being the person that caused the whole lot to fall down.

In subsequent releases of Don't Break the Ice the little iceman figurine was substitued for a polar bear. Something to do with political correctness I'm guessing...

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Do You Remember Don't Break the Ice!?

Do You Remember Don't Break the Ice!?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember having this game as a child, i just loved it,sadly now the game has long gone, & i am in my late forties, but i would still like to play that game, to this day.