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Doctor's Daughters

One of several memorably unfunny sitcoms to be inflicted on the nation by ITV in the very early '80s (along with 'Astronauts' and 'Dead Ernest').

Doctor's Daughters focused upon a health centre in the fictional cathedral town of Mitrebury, where the older generation of 'old school tie' medics had retired and been replaced by their young physician daughters, Dr. Fay Liston (Victoria Burgoyne) and Dr. Lucy Drake (Lesley Duff). They set out to 'improve' the practice with the aid of Scottish lady gynaecologist Liz Arkdale (Bridget Armstrong), who is married to a submarine commander.

Six episodes of this utter drivel were broadcast in 1981, and I can honestly say I didn't laugh once. The fulcrum of the humour lay around a medical practice being run by two sexy women doctors (which hardly ever happens in the real world), with lots of sexual inuendo and ha-ha, bumpsadaisy incidents that made Benny Hill look highly sophisticated. It culminated in there being a baby boom in Mitrebury, with both Dr. Drake and Liz Arkdale among the heavily pregnant mums-to-be and Dr. Fay Liston running around like a headless chicken trying to tend to all the maternity cases. VERY funny- anybody ever tell the producers that women doctors in this country don't work after 5 months when they're pregnant?!

I mourned not the programme's demise, although it had an irritatingly catchy theme tune: 'Doctor's daughters, busy in the surgery, Doctor's daughters, ready with the remedy' that has unfortunately stuck in my mind ever since.

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Do You Remember Doctor's Daughters?

Do You Remember Doctor's Daughters?