Dinky Way

This was a roadway set for Dinky cars that came out c.1977. It included 30ft of cardboard roadway, complete with T-junctions, curves and a mini-roundabout, along with several scale plastic roadsigns and some 'walls' that you could slot together to create a dead end. There were also stick-on double yellow lines that you could add to some sections. The set came complete with 4 cars- a tipper lorry, a Mini Clubman police car, a Bedford AA van and a Triumph TR7. I had one for my 8th birthday and was THRILLED with it! As well as being great fun, it was a good method of teaching children about the rules of the road too.

Sadly I gave it away to a Salvation Army playgroup when we moved house when I was 17, although I DO still have the cars from it. Wish I'd kept it now....sniff!!

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Do You Remember Dinky Way?

Do You Remember Dinky Way?