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This is one of those under rated games that you completely forget about and then suddenly with recall it and want to play it again asap!

It’s a bit similar to Roy Walkers catchphrase in that it is all about discovering a hidden word or phrase from visual clues.

In this game the “Dingbats” are the cunningly disguised names, phrases and sayings that are turned around, upside-down, sideways or jumbled up which you need to work out. Sometimes, the pictures combined with a word or a number will give you your answer.

It is a board game – so it's all about moving across a board to “win”. You solve puzzles to move more squares across a board – the quicker you solve them the more you can move! And it’s always the easy ones you can’t get! You can kick yourself, you really do have to keep repeating Roy Walkers oft repeated “If you see it, say it”!! What a wise man he was…

The game was invented by Paul Sellers in 1980 and is currently manufactured by Ravensburger – that also makes a puzzle game called labyrinth (no relation to the film Labrynth) and some Jigsaws. It sold more than 2 million games worldwide!!

As always with time-based games – you can never think of the word or phrase when you need to! In some countries the game is called WHATZIT? Which seems appropriate, because that’s what you’re always saying..

Nowadays you can get it in a few different formats, even on your phone! Why not give it a download and see if you can still use that ol' grey matter?

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Do You Remember Dingbats?

Do You Remember Dingbats?

  • Anonymous user
    You got to wear the winners dingbat badge if you won. Reminds me a bit of catchphrase.