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Dial-a-disc was a telephone service provided the the Post Office beginning in the 60's. You simply dialed the number 16 on your telephone and a current 'pop' tune would be played down the line. This tune would be different each day and played from 6pm to 6am and all day on Sundays (cheap rate). I remember waiting in anticipation for my parents to leave the house just to listen to the days pop record, one particular day it was 'Haircut 100' which I must have listened to about ten times as it was played in a continuous loop!

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Do You Remember dial a disc?

Do You Remember dial a disc?

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    Yes, I well recall this- sadly the Dial A Disc service ended in '91. You had no idea what the song was going to be until you rang up, although if it was one that you liked, you could at least enjoy listening to it several times over. I used it a lot in the mid-'80s, when I couldn't sleep in the small hours of the morning. Listening to music down the phone sounds primitive and banal nowadays, although it was a Godsend to youngsters like me who either couldn't afford to bu records or were embarrassed to do so!