Derry Daring

Derry Daring was Evel Knievel's sister - a real 'cool chick'!

I remember she had a fab pink and white outfit with tassles and perfomed stunts on her motorbike and stunt car. There was some kind of mechanism where you turned a white handle round and round which would wind Derry Daring up and then send her shooting off so she could do her stunts in the sky.

She was very underrated, but when you think about it, Derry Daring was the ultimate tomboy's toy. You'd never catch Barbie or Cindy doing anything that Derry Daring was doing. I wanted to be her!

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Do You Remember Derry Daring?

Do You Remember Derry Daring?

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    She sounds like Lisa Kelly from 'Ice Road Truckers'!