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Demis Roussos

Poor Demis Roussos, despite a prolific career as a member of "Aphrodite's Child" and a solo artist in his own right, he is still best remembered in Britain for two things: the soundtrack to "Abigail's Party" and his, er, unique physical presence.

As a fat bearded Greek in a smock, Roussos became the butt of a hundred 1970's comedy sketches. In the Mike Leigh play "Abigail's Party" Roussos's 1973 hit "Forever and Ever" formed the contentious soundtrack to an uncomfortable soiree, his music encapsulating 1970's bad taste as much as the lava lamps and shagpile.

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Do You Remember Demis Roussos?

Do You Remember Demis Roussos?

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    He remains hugely popular in Greece- few people remember his bravery when he was caught up in the hijacking of a TWA airliner by Hezbollah militants in the Summer of 1985. The plane was flown to Beirut Airport, and one passenger who was in the US Navy was shot dead. Roussos calmed and reassured the others on board by singing to them; his cool level-headedness earned him the respect of even the hijackers themselves. All non-Americans on board were released after a day or so, but the Yanks were kept confined for a further fortnight whilst negociations proceeded. The stand-off ended without further bloodshed, although the empty aircraft was blown up by the militants afterwards in an utterly senseless gesture; they themselves subsequently escaped.