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This is a curious game, so it is.

It looks like a version of “Connect 4”, except you can slide things around. It plays like a game of Chinese checkers and it requires the thinking skills of chess!

A real classic, and my Dad used to befuddle me with this for ages. Unlike draughts or battleships or noughts and crosses, this was a strategy game that needed real brains! (Not that my Dad had real brains, but I was 11 at the time and my brain wasn’t fully formed then)

Basically, Deflection is a game in which Players drop coloured counters into a rack (Like connect 4). But the rack has sliding strips (see the photo of the game above). The basic aim of the game is to get your coloured tokens into the highest scoring parts of the bottom tray – while also blocking your fellow player!

It was one of the many games created by Milton Bradley, and was released by MB games in 1981. Apparently it’s for anything from 7 year olds, but I would have had to have been a prodigy at 7 to master it!

But it’s addictive, you just want to understand how to play it best and get control of it. Like you could noughts and crosses, and then play your own strategy. It’s such an addictive and successful game it is now widely available online and also on mobile phones! So why not give it a go again and see if you’re any better at it as an adult. I already have, and it seems that if anything I am worse. But then again, I was playing a computer this time and not my Dad.

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Do You Remember Deflection?

Do You Remember Deflection?