Dawn Dolls

I used to have Dawn dolls when I was little. They were around in the early 70's and were a little like Barbie. Dawn Dolls came with either blonde, red, brown and black hair. They had different clothes and accessories like a Barbie too.

Dawn Dolls were manufactured by Topper between 1970 and 1973 and measured around 6-inches in height. Dawn Dolls were even more popular than Barbie at the time although Topper still ended up going bust in 1973. Dawn Dolls were later reissued between 1990 and 2003 by Checkerboard.

Other than Barbie there were two alternate fashion dolls that were in direct competition to Dawn Dolls; these included Mattel's Rockflowers and Palitoy's Pippa Doll.

Dawn Dolls were made of vinyl and had bendable knees and twisting waist. As well as having painted eyes like Barbie she had realistic eyelashes.

There were several different special edition Dawn Dolls including a Dancing Dawn Dolls and a Head to Toe model that came with three different wigs. The special Majorette Dawn Doll spun a glow-in-the-dark baton whilst the limited edition Flower Fantasy doll that came bundled in its own plastic flower pot.

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Do You Remember Dawn Dolls?

Do You Remember Dawn Dolls?