Dan Dare Set

Based on the comic of the same name (produced until 1969), which featured a boy called Dan who was a 'pilot of the future'. The Dan Dare Set was, as you might imagine, a futuristic- looking device which acted as an intercom or walkie-talkie. The Dan Dare Set featured four "satellite stations" named after the four inner planets, and with this at your control you could imagine you too were a 'pilot of the future'.

The reason why the whole Dan Dare series became so popular was because it gave hope to a generation of kids just when the prospect of actual space travel had come onto the scene.

There were Dan Dare ray guns, clothing, construction sets, pedal cars, puzzles, braces, and even sweets. Most of this merchandise was only ever sold in the uk, so pieces are highly collectible now, in particular the ray guns.

Any older sci-fi fan worthy of his Star Trek Spok ears will have heard of Dan Dare.

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Do You Remember Dan Dare Set?

Do You Remember Dan Dare Set?