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Nothing to do with the Wild West, this was a feeble sitcom from the early '80s written by David Learmouth, who went on to create 'Surgical Spirit'.

Airing in 1980 / 81, it centred around a 'cowboy' building firm run by Roy Kinnear as Joe Jones, whose company 'Joe Jones Ltd.' was of much ill-repute. Colin Welland played plumber 'Geyser', and David Kelly (of 'Robin's Nest' fame) was decrepit Irish brickie 'Wobbly Ron'. The show also starred James Wardroper, Debbie Linden and Janine Duvitski. Much of the humour centred around the badinage between Welland and Kelly. The show, although not a COMPLETE disaster, it scraped pretty near the bottom of the barrel. The theme tune sticks in my mind to this day though:

"Well you better watch out, There's a posse in town, The houses that stand will soon fall down, COWBOYS! DON'T TRUST COWBOYS!"

David Kelly went on to appear in media sitcom 'Drop The Dead Donkey'.

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