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Count Chocula

Count Chocula! We had this cereal for about a month when i was 10 or so. It has been seared onto my memory as one of my happiest breakfast events ever!

I think there must have been an offer on (We always ate whatever was on offer - I remember a month where we pretty much lived on broken biscuits).I think this time there must have been some American breakfast cereals coming over to try and break the UK cereal market - that or the local cash and carry had just got in some American brands. Anyway, my mum snapped them up. It made such a pleasant change from readybrek and weetabix!

The whole theme of the cereal was scary - obviously Count Chocula was to do with count Dracula, but there were two other brands advertised on the back of the boxes too - "Booberry" featuring a ghost and "Franken-Berry" featuring (you guessed it) Frankenstein monster!

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Do You Remember Count Chocula?

Do You Remember Count Chocula?