Cootie was a popular game in the 80s where the object was to be the first person to assemble a Cootie Bug from the body parts provided. Each player would take turns rolling the Cootie Cube (a die) and would then collect the Cootie body part relating to the number rolled as follows:

1 dot - Body
2 dots - Head
3 dots - Antennae, hat or bow
4 dots - Eye piece
5 dots - Tongue, teeth or lips
6 dots - Any one leg

Each player would have to roll a '1' initially to collect the body before any other parts could be collected. The head (number '2') would have to be collected next and after that any Cootie body part was up for grabs.

Each time a player collected a Cootie part they would get a 'free' roll of the Cootie Cube and the first player to assemble the full Cootie with all six legs would be the winner.

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Do You Remember Cootie?