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Cool Whip

Something else that they sold here in the 70's and you can only get over the pond now.

I think it was called this in England, infact I'm sure it was. As soon as my friend in the States asked me if we had Cool Whip over here I remembered like it was yesterday! My Nan and Grandad would sometimes come to ours for Sunday dinner and Nan would always bring the pudding, (and a loaf of bread for the sandwiches at tea time)! And if she bought an apple or cherry pie, (I used to pray for the cherry pie)! She would always bring a tub of Cool Whip, but back then it was Birds Eye and not Kraft made. I loved the stuff and you had to take it out of the freezer prior to serving, so you could serve it softer. But Nan would leave my bit in, because I loved it still frozen, despite her and Mum warning me of 'you'll get a poorly tummy!' Er, hello? ICE CREAM! And thirty odd years later, I will still only eat ice cream if it's frozen solid!

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Do You Remember Cool Whip?

Do You Remember Cool Whip?