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Clive James On Television was shown on LWT between 1982-1988. It was undoubtedly one of the most forgotten shows of the 80s.

Clive James took a satirical look at what the world, specially selecting news clips every week for our benefit of laughter and pain. Cracking comments! But audiences had a real reason to watch the show and this was to watch Japanese contestants on the crazy TV show Endurance practically kill themselves all in the name of entertainment.

Clive aborted his show and moved over to BBC1 in 1989 and "sneakily" retitled it to Saturday Night Clive, but the dumbest of audiences could see the difference. But BBC wanted it to be a talkshow and the clips on James' shows were getting shorter and eventually his career hit it's end by 1998. It's not been repeated for 21 years! It's about time ITV4 or so to get round to repeats.

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Do You Remember Clive James On Television?

Do You Remember Clive James On Television?