Chilton Chine Holiday Camp

Did anyone go to Chilton Chine on the south side of the Isle of Wight? As a child I had to most wonderful holidays there.  The rock pools on the beach, Mr Squires the owner, the resident band Ken, Wally and Stan, fancy dress, fancy hats, topsy turvey, hubbly bubbly, I could go on and on and on.  Just clearing out the garage and found my Chilton Chine Holiday Camp pin badge from the mid 60,s. Your post about the resident band really brought back memories. Stil have the fancy dress photographs. Entered every year ! My parents had the same chalet for over 10 years every summer. No 17! I remember the football match against Brightstone Camp, the dodgy steps down to the beach, the fish and chip van visit every Thursday, and cabaret night ! Alby and his family from London were there every year. The photo when you Google search the Camp is my Dads Hillman Minx outside the chalet. Crazy memories. I pop into the site when on the IOW on business and wander round now and again...Central Park pinball machine , sandpit, now where the cafe is..amazing stuff.   Yes, Cornish pasties, pies, bingo, goodnight campers, strolling.  

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Do You Remember Chilton Chine Holiday Camp?

Do You Remember Chilton Chine Holiday Camp?