Child's Play (1988)

The horror movie about the killer doll, released in 1988. Six year old Andy gets a "good guy" for his birthday, unaware that his new friend contains the soul of the recently deceased serial killer Charles Lee Ray, nickname Chuckie. Things start getting weird when the babysitter mysteriously falls out of a window, and before we know it, Andy, his mother and her detective friend are fighting for their lives.

As a child, this movie terrified me. I never saw it, but commercials and advertisements were everywhere. Then I finally saw it a few months ago and (being something of a horror movie fan) I was somewhat disappointed. It's a fun and entertaining little horror film the first time 'round (if not a little silly, if you can't get past the sight of a doll coming after a grown adult), but it's not one I'd watch over and over again.

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Do You Remember Child's Play?

Do You Remember Child's Play?