BSA Panther

This Memory is looking a little short on nostalgia! Have you got anything you could add?

This bike was similar to the Raleigh Chopper but the handle bars were more swept back like a harley davidson,

The gear change lever had a round knob on it rather than the wider cylindrical one on the chopper and the seat swept up the backrest further than the chopper.

A great ride, and a great look. A shame they don't make them like this anymore!

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31 January 2011

Do You Remember BSA Panther?

Do You Remember BSA Panther?

  • Anonymous user
    Yeah my brother got one for Xmas in the 80s. It was a radical bike but does anyone remember the twist grip that made a motorcycle revving sound
  • Anonymous user
    Yes I remember the Panther my brother had a black one, although I remember it being a Raleigh Panther