Boomerangs became a bit more popular with the film crocodile Dundee (and crocodile Dundee 2!) in the minor Australia interest that grew around then. Before that they were a lot more exotic and rarely seen apart from when relatives returned from far flung places.

I had one as a kid, though never made it come back to me. Yes, I know, I probably just had “a stick”. But it did curve, just never actually came back to me. I loved it, but it was always difficult to get enough space to use one, with few enough people not to put someone in danger from it’s erratic flight path. It was like aerobie in the distance it could cover.

It was also used in mad max 2 – another Australian movie. I quite like that in the movie Batman, Batman used a “Batarang, which was essentially a boomerang, but Batman pathologically puts the prefix “Bat” onto anything that he designs or uses.

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Do You Remember Boomerang?

Do You Remember Boomerang?