Very manga-esque dolls, with HUGE heads + BIG round eyes, that you could swap around (to change the colour). Very funky clothing, and now very expensive to buy! They're such an iconic image that photos of them are on badges, designer t-shirts, bags and even large art-prints.

Manufactured by Kenner in 1972, the original Blythe doll was designed by Marvin Glass & Associates although production was later taken over by Hasbro. Despite the renewed interest in Blythe dolls, it's a strange fact that they were in fact only produced for one year following disappointing sales figures. The Blythe doll's eyes could be controlled using a pull cord on their back. If you pulled this then her huge eyelids would close giving the impression that she was blinking. Not only that but the direction of the eyes would change as well as the colour.

"Open your eyes to the world of Blythe, the wide-eyed beautiful Blythe".

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Do You Remember Blythe?

Do You Remember Blythe?

  • Annablythedoll
    I think Blythe dolls are so adorable and I own several of them too. I actually made a website on tips how to find them or at least save up for them. to help you buy blythe dolls cause it lists organized Ebay auctions to help you save time and find the best dolls, deals and sellers too! You can also buy cute reproductions too. I even have pictures on my website of my own dolls. Cheers, Anna aka Annablythedoll
  • Anonymous user
    blythe dolls are reLLY BIG NOW and can cost a humungous amount of money especially if you were to find an original, but they are more collectors items,truly magnificent dolls