Big Jim

I remember getting Big Jim for Christmas '73. He came with red shorts and a dumbell and he was about 8 inches tall. He had a button in his back which when pressed made him perform a karate chop. There was a wire in his arm, so when you moved his arm, the wire bent to give the illusion of a contracting bicep. Big Jim was made by Mattel to compete with Action Man. When it was first released in Britain, he had to be named Mark Strong because of copyright problems. Six months later he gained the right to be known by his original name of Big Jim.

Measuring around 10-inches Big Jim was made of soft plastic/vinyl material. There were several different lines of clothes available for Big Jim including martial arts, fishing, photography and spaceman.

In Latin America the Big Jim toy range was split into two. His adventure and sports series were branded as "Kid Acero" (Kid Steel) whilst is Spy and Space series were oddly sold under the James Bond brand.

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