Beware the Spider

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Beware the Spider was an electronic game where there was a spider at the top of the unit with a spring activated part. If you touched the base of the game with the fork, as you tried to lift off creepy crawlies to score points, it would launch the spider towards you. Scary but memorable! It's probably why I HATE spiders now!

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Do You Remember Beware the Spider?

Do You Remember Beware the Spider?

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    The thing I remember most about this was the advertising. The box had a picture of a realistic frightening looking spider leaping high into the air while the kids playing the game stared at it open-mouthed with terror. The actual spider in the game was just a piece of foam cut into a spider shape with a sticker on it! The TV advert showed the spider jumping into the air and landing on a player's hand. In reality it was simply propelled forward onto the playing area by a motor. the sound of the motor was scarier than the spider!