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Ask anyone what they remember about the group Berlin and they will probably tell you it's the single 'Take My Breath Away'. A massive international hit for this American band in 1986, re-released in 1988 and 1990 and, of course, featuring in the movie Top Gun starring Tom Cruise. The band were active from the end of the 70s and are still in existence today, having taken part in Bands Reunited featured on VH1.

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Do You Remember Berlin?

Do You Remember Berlin?

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    I hated that wretched film, glorifying the United States Air Force. 'Take My Breath Away' was used as the theme music for a ad. for the Peugeot 405, when a huge field of corn explodes into flame as the car is driving along the edge of it- an advert later hilariously parodied by Jasper Carrott when it's shown to be the result of him chucking a lit fag out of the window!! Berlin's early stuff is better- they did a reasonable single called 'No More Words', which depicted them as 1930s gangsters.