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Bear In The Big Blue House

This was a kids entertainment and learning show produced partly by The Jim Henson Company of The Muppets and Sesame Street fame. Using the character of the big blue bear, the programme taught young kids some valuable life lessons (like gravity and using the toilet) as he went about his life with his other puppet friends.

Despite his enormity, Bear is a gently giant who loves nothing better than helping other people and puppets out. He lives in his own house and his friends included a lemur, mouse, twin otters and a bear cub. Each episode ended with a kind of 'Jerry's final thought' moment, where Bear would go and stand on his balcony and tell the moon what they'd learned that day.

Bear In The Big Blue House proved a huge hit on The Disney Channel and was even resurrected in 2007.

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Do You Remember Bear In The Big Blue House?

Do You Remember Bear In The Big Blue House?