Beach Balls

Beach Balls. Balls for the beach.

We had two of these that came out every summer, and were great when playing in swimming pools or water, though in the slightly breezy English summer they would fly off miles up the beach so would be quite annoying to go on up the beach to get them.

The beach ball was invented by Jonathon DeLonge in 1938 and are used in a few games like water polo and volleyball. You can bring Giant beach balls to music concerts for a bit of fun, though maybe not Vivaldi, maybe more Peter Andre. Or if you have a trained seal you can teach it to balance it on it’s nose!

In the 1980's of course they became synonymous with photo shoots and the colorful 80's aesthetic. In fact you are more likely to see a beach ball on the television or on film than in real life. Fact!

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Do You Remember Beach Balls?

Do You Remember Beach Balls?