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Batchelor's Snackpot

Launched around 1979 in an attempt by Batchelors to rival the burgeoning success of Golden Wonder's Pot Noodle, these 'just add boiling water' quick snacks were of very similar format - dehydrated noodles and vegetables that came in a variety of flavours, including curry and (in those days very novel) Chinese chow mein. There was also an Italian tomato version, which was the first ever British pot snack to use dehydrated pasta.

The early TV advert for Snackpot featured a peckish buisnessman desperately trying to sneak one of the snacks in between meeting clients, hiding the pot in his desk drawer whenever anybody came into his office. The later ad. was much more fun and zany; semi-animated, it included a Chinaman wearing one of the pots as a coolie hat and a cartoon Indian elephant blowing off steam through his ears! "Nobody got the taste we got - we put the snack before the pot!"

Despite being of superior quality and actually more nutritious than Pot Noodle, Snackpot could never compete with it's rival, and was withdrawn in the mid-'80s when Batchelors began focusing their energies on Super Noodles instead. The company have recently introduced a new range of similar snacks called 'Pot Shot'.

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Do You Remember Batchelor's Snackpot?

Do You Remember Batchelor's Snackpot?