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Barbra Streisand

Born on April 24t, 1942 Barbra Streisand in Brooklyn, New York. She is an actress, director, producer and writer. Among her many films are Hello, Dolly! (1969), A Star Is Born (1976), Yentl (1983) and The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996).

She has won many awards including two Oscars, five Emmys, eight Golden Globes, three People's Choice Awards, two Women in Film Crystal Awards and two ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards.

Her good friend, singer/songwriter Neil Diamond, with whom she dueted on the smash hit song, "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" both attended the same high school and sang together in the school choir.

Barbra has one son, Jason Gould, with ex-husband Elliott Gould. She is now married to James Brolin.

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Do You Remember Barbra Streisand?

Do You Remember Barbra Streisand?

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    She's renowned for being pretty horrible as well- a volatile prima donna with a nasty temper, given to violent tantrums and somewhat paranoid. Not many people know that she has a Welsh gardener, whom she's employed for years!