Balzac Balloon Ball

Made by Milton Bradley in 1989 Balzac Balloon Ball was a kind of cloth sack into which you could put a deflated balloon. Once inside the sack you would inflate the balloon to make a Balzac Balloon Ball. Because the ball was so light you could play with it indoors, outdoors or even at the swimming pool.

To make things more interesting you could put coins and water inside the Balzac Balloon Ball and the weight of the coins would make the Balzac Balloon Ball veer off to the side randomly when thrown making it really hard to catch.

If you put a cup of water inside the Balzac Balloon Ball and threw it, the momentum of the water would make it actually pick up speed AFTER you threw it!

And when you had finished playing with it you simply burst the balloon and then folded away the sack!

The Balzac packaging says:

"Balzac is a whole new ball game! It's big, it's light, it's not like anything you've ever played with before! Balzac is a balloon in a sack. It's like a ball, but it's so much more!"

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Do You Remember Balzac Balloon Ball?

Do You Remember Balzac Balloon Ball?