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Bailey's Comets

Bailey's Comets was a 1973 DePatie-Freleng cartoon series which ran on both Saturday and Sunday mornings on CBS from 1973 to 1975. It was similar to the 1968-1970 Hanna-Barbera cartoon series 'Wacky Races' but the characters were on roller skates instead of in cars.

There were a bunch of wacky teams comprising cowboys, bikers, pirates, witches, Dr. Jekylls and Mr. Hydes, a rock and roll band, bears, circus performers, hillbillies, cavemen, giants, robots, aliens and more. They were all after a million dollar prize in an around-the-world roller derby race.

The main team was a group of charismatic teenagers including the leader Barnaby Bailey, brainy inventor Wheelie, goofy fat guy Pudge, cute Candy, butch Sarge, and bubble-headed, sweet-natured Bunny who were always out to win.

16 half-hour episodes were made in total.

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Do You Remember Bailey's Comets?

Do You Remember Bailey's Comets?

  • Anonymous user
    Yeah, I remember this one- it was repeated in the late '70s. Characters included the 'JekyllHydes' (polite, well-meaning Englishmen in top hats who turned into slavering degeneratesat random), and the 'Stone Rollers' (a bunch of cavemen rolling along on a log). There was one episode where Wheelie falls in love with a Hawaiian girl and ends up going through the floor of her grass tree-house.
  • greebo2001
    The opening credits are on youtube. I wish they'd release this on DVD ^..^